About Us

J.D. Sekora Photography was established over thirty years ago as an off shoot of the newspaper and fine art work done by J.D. in the Northeastern U.S. capturing the deepest emotions of the human race and how they react to their surroundings. This intimate style of photography was developed and honed during interactions and studies with some of the best Documentary photojournalists, news journalists, and fine art photographers in the world.

As a Photographer of people, J.D.'s camera is able to capture and transmit the deep feelings and intimate joys that are inherent in those special occasions or events that you will want to remember and cherish always. His documentary style allows your photographs to "tell a story" or show your wedding day in a way that lets you relive those moments every time you view them.

His special way of working allows everyone to "be themselves", thus eliminating those stilted and overly posed photos you so often get. His worldwide quest for light and images that not only please the viewer but make a statement allow the photograph to say it all .

"True photography is capturing those keepsake moments"